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Alcohol Age Restriction Could Be Increased In South Africa But Will This Help?

If one were to count the problems we have as a people pf mzansi right now there's no way we cam count and talk about mzansi's problems and exclude the mis-use of alcohol by kids,youth's and adults alcohol has really caused us a lot as South Africans and as bad as it is to agree that we a nation with some sort of drinking problem, Truth is the deaths happening at groove day in and out are proof that we need to watch our drinking

Besides that romours has it that the South African Alcohol Policy Alliance (SSAPA) are now even suggesting the the alcohol consuming age restriction should be increased from 18years old to 21 years old. This is coming up now after it has been noticed that even people who shouldn't be drinking (under age kids) are drinking because people who are teens and in the same age brackets with them (18 year old's) are drinking,

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So now with all this being suggest here's what mzansi people has come out and said in numbers on social media (read their comments in the screenshoots attached below please)

Lopate this comments people don't seem to be convinced that increasing the age restrictions will have a negative impact especially looking at it from a view that 18 is not that far from 21 years old, So now do you as an individual see this working and producing some good results should this pass or tarven owners will be tarven owners and sneak in underage kids in the name of making money?

What's you take on all this as an individual? Please write us some comments letting us know what you think and while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates please

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