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PAINFUL| Nurses Refuse To Help A Dying Woman And Her 2-Year-Old In Vleinfontein, Look Why.

Heartbreaking incident leaves the residents of Vleinfotein in Vhembe District Municipality fuming after a dying woman was refused to get into the clinic.

A disturbing incident has been reported in Vleinfontein after a dying woman was denied access by clinic staff.It is reported that the nurses at the clinic refused to help the woman together with her 2-year-old child as it was dark and late.The dying woman was left outside the Vleinfontein clinic and could not get help due to the nurses denying to give her the help she needed.

It is heartbreaking that the health department and Vleinfontein clinic hired the nurses to help people yet a woman was left to die at the gate.

People are left fuming as they demand answers from the Vleinfontein clinic incident that this evening.It is clear that people can be left to die while there is help from the government and still people do not get the help they need.

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