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"One person I know who took the vaccine had a stroke" says a twitter user

The world has been getting used to living with a pandemic ever since it started. When the cornavirus spread around the world, people had to become used to many changes, including family members dying as a result of the virus.

Governments had to implement new regulations, when the virus arrived in South Africa. The government decided to close the whole country for twenty-one days, and this included a lot of the functions in the country coming to a standstill. And the healthcare system was under a lot of pressure because people started getting infected and this resulted in a lot of people dying as well.

Because the pandemic created a lot of fear amongst people, it was important that everybody stay safe, and it resulted in masks being a normal thing to wear daily. And people also pressured governments to come up with a plan for dealing with the pandemic. 

Because of the immense pressure felt by the governments, pharmaceuticals had to come up with a way to protect people from the virus. The vaccine was then introduced, but since its introduction, many people have been skeptical about taking it because of the side effects it has. Many people state that the side effects have resulted in death for some people, and for others, even long-term effects.

The vaccine is one that requires an individual to take one or two jabs depending on the type of vaccine. Many people in South Africa received the Pfizer vaccine, which requires two jabs, and after receiving their first jab, many of them stated that they will not return for their second jab due to the severe side effects they experienced.

One person on social media even said one of their friends suffered a stroke after they took their first jab of the Pfizer vaccine.

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