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3 tips to avoid back pain in the morning.

Most have experienced it. Everyone who has done it will never forget it. That? Back pain in the morning.

There's nothing worse than waking up from a great night's sleep to take the first step out of bed and prevent back pain from shooting you dry.

What can you do to reduce your chances of this terrible event happening? Here are three tips for avoiding back pain in the morning.

1. Get out of bed correctly -

The correct way to get out of bed upon awakening is to roll onto your side and use your arm to push up from a side lying position.

From this position, walk to the edge of the bed and stand up using your legs, not your back.

Most people do sit-ups while lying on their back, then twist to get out of bed. The latter method is a great way to injure your spine.

2. Don't bend over incorrectly for at least an hour after you wake up -

Your spine has discs between each vertebra. When you sleep at night, your discs increase in size and become more likely to bulge / herniate.

Therefore, you should avoid bending incorrectly for at least an hour after waking up to allow the discs to shrink in size.

People often bend over to put on socks and pants when they wake up.

Instead, bring your feet up toward you to complete this task. If not, be sure to bend properly so you don't injure your spine during that hour-long period.

3. Pay attention to your morning workout -

Some people like to get out of bed and start their day with some stretches or exercises. It sounds good in theory, but your morning workout routine can put you at risk for back injury.

Make sure your workout doesn't include any activities in which you flex / bend your spine. What is a common exercise where people flex their spine? Sit-ups.

The typical abdominal exercise performed with your knees bent and lying on your back places significant stress on the spine. You should avoid this typical abs.

There are multiple alternatives to the typical sit-ups mentioned above that put less stress on the spine.

Also, avoid any stretching or exercise that forces you to bend your back, such as touching your toes.

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