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'This Category Of People Might Be Immune To HIV, Are You Among Them? - OPINION.

Medical scientists and the World Health Organization have been working hard to find a vaccine capable of eradicating HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) on a worldwide scale since the first case was reported many years ago. If you're not familiar with HIV, it's a disease that causes epidemics when it's active.

Every effort is being made to discover a vaccine and treatment that will eradicate the HIV pandemic completely. HIV continues to be a horrible disease.

The virus's effects on people are still unknown, and the condition looks to be irreversible and incurable. There is, however, a minority of people who are immune to the virus. Do you belong to this group?

According to a recent Daily Nation report, certain people are immune to the HIV virus, even if they are exposed to it.

Because of their different genes, the HIV virus has a harder time infecting the human immune system.

The virus is expected to link to particular protein glands called receptors after entering the body.

According to the general population, if a body system is capable of modifying a virus, it is almost certain that it will not get infected.

Furthermore, it is claimed that those who have these genes are immune to the virus even after being exposed to it.

Furthermore, this genetic type can only be found in Northern Europe.

After two people with HIV and cancer received bone marrow transplants from people with this mutation and were cured of HIV, a realistic research was formed.

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