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Two teas that most Africans believe can cure covid

These teas have become very popular in Africa especially in Zimbabwe and South Africa because many believe that they can cure covid. The herbal teas are mostly known for treating flu and fever. Regular drinkers of these teas claim to never have any flu symptoms which means these herbs can also prevent flu successfully.

Artemisia herbs Alba/Wormwood 

Also known as lengana or umhlonyane it's a highly aromatic shrub its leaves are brewed as a tea to drink or used for steaming. 

Wormwood has been in hot demand in South Africa ever since it was discovered in Madagascar as a COVID-19 cure but WHO rejected it.

Artemesia has been used for generations to treat various disorders like coughs, colds, influenza, malaria, jaundice, anxiety, upset gut, and headaches. 

Artemesia should not be consumed by pregnant and breastfeeding women. People that have heart disease, kidney problems, and also small children should not consume as it may not be safe for them.

High doses of artmesia may result in kidney failure, nausea, vomiting, and seizures so it is advised that once you are feeling better you should discontinue consuming it. 

Though WHO rejected it many people that have used it claim that it had helped them alleviate covid symptoms. 

Lippia Javanica

Also known as Zumbani, Umsuzwane, or Musukudu. It is an evergreen, small shrub with aromatic leaves. It is believed to offer protection against crocodiles, lightning, and dogs.

Loopia has become very popular and highly demanded in Zimbabwe because they believe it can help cure covid and prevent it though it has not been proven yet they believe that it helps. It's said to have the same effect as cannabis when drank as a tea but smoking it will not make you high. 

Lippia javanica helps treat coughs and bronchial infections, it is also used as an immune booster and also for the treatment of cancer, diabetes, HIV symptoms, and TB. It is safe to consume as a tea daily.

Inhaling the smoke from burning stems may be effective against asthma and chronic coughs. The smoke can also be used to repel mosquitos.

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