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SA Covid-19 Statistics : Here is how it looked on Tuesday

Covid-19 is still a part of the South African community . This is judged from the statistics that are shared on a daily basis by the National Institute for Communicable Diseases . Are these daily statistics to South Africa ? The answer is yes , having this knowledge is important towards ensuring that the country is able to plan for future events .

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases released information that confirmed that there had been 36 216 tests that were initiated in the country . It was highlighted there were 3197 new positive Covid-19 cases . The positivity rate remained below 10 % and stood at 8.8% .

Moving on , the country's number of active cases are now at 73 368 . The number of recoveries on the other hand is above the 3-million mark .There may be recoveries to date , but compliance to other Covid-19 protocols remains crucial . Advice from scientists are for the people to avoid places that will be crowded .

This is because there is a higher possibility of Covid-19 to be spread in crowded spaces . Advise is also issued on a regular basis for members of the public to always wear their masks . Wearing a masks helps prevent transmission of the pandemic . Wearing of masks is important even if it may be uncomfortable.

The other part that will not be left out is in regard to the new Covid-19 fatalities . It was reported that South Africa recorded 23 new deaths . This represented the fatalities that were recorded between 24 to 48 hours . Still moving on ,there are 94 397 people who have died from Covid-19 since 2020 . The statistics serve as a reminder as to why people need to be on alert regarding Covid-19 .


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