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Opinion: Covid 19 is one big Pharmaceutical Scam

Why does it get harder everyday to believe that this covid 19 pandemic and its vaccine is a whole hoax designed to hold the whole Planet to randsom and solicit money out of world governments?

For countries like South Africa where less than 30 percent of the population hasn't been vaccinated why is it that our death rate is far less than countries such as Portugal where more 90 percent of the population have been vaccinated and more than 80 percent of the citizens has even received booster shots?

Why is it that those who have not vaccinated are now labeled as being a threat to those that have vaccinated? Shouldn't it be the other way round if the whole point of vaccine is to boost one's immune system to fight of the virus! Would one be wrong hold a view that in actual fact those that have vaccinated are in fact a danger to those that have not vaccinated since they can be carriers of the virus when their immune systems are at the same boosted and in better condition to fight the virus.

How is it possible that those who are possibly likely to be the victims of this virus because of not being vaccinated have a less fatality ratio compared to countries that are almost fully vaccinated like it the case between South Africa and most Western Nations?

Countries like Israel are now saying to their Citizens that they must ready themselves for the fourth vaccine shot & failure to do that means that their covid letters will forfeit, is this to say from now onwards they will rely on the vaccine to live freely the essence of freedom of movement in their own country?

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