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EUSEBIUS MCKAISER | Don’t be a selfish git — get vaccinated

It's disheartening when we manage ethical issues so badly that the state is compelled to resort to legislating to compel us to do the right thing. The continuing argument over whether vaccination should be mandatory exemplifies this dilemma. There are no compelling reasons not to get vaccinations. It decreases your risk of contracting Covid-19 and, if you do get it, it decreases your risk of having severe symptoms, so lowering your risk of hospitalization.Opting out of ethical duty would be the equivalent of deliberately defining yourself outside of community, argues Eusibius McKaiser. Stock photo.

Additionally, we now know empirically that the majority of persons who die from Covid-19 are unvaccinated. While constitutional disputes are both entertaining and important, attorneys should not be required to resolve this matter in court. Therefore, from a purely subjective standpoint, it is smart to pick the vaccination. Not least because the vaccines on offer have been proven to be safe and effective scientifically. Anyone who is concerned about their own health would be jeopardizing their own interests by refusing to be vaccinated.See the source image

That is not, however, the conclusion of the narrative. We are social beings. Individually, we do not exist. We are socially linked and entangled in the lives of one another. Within the greater community of mankind, we have an obligation to consider the consequences of our acts, as well as our inactivity.

Unless you are genuinely and objectionably antisocial, you must acknowledge that we all have moral interests that need respect by others. If you want me to consider your interests anytime I am about to act, since your interests are valuable to you and I should therefore examine them before acting, then you should exercise the same ethical prudence with others. Anyone with a functioning moral compass should be aware of this fundamental tenet of ethics.

Opting out of ethical obligations would be analogous to purposefully defining oneself outside the community. Society would implode if everyone of us was so egocentric. To be so unaffected by societal interests is self-defeating and a non-starter.See the source image

Now, let us return to the current discussion concerning vaccinations. If you choose not to, you risk infecting others, since unvaccinated individuals who contract Covid-19 are more contagious than those who are vaccinated and get Covid-19. Therefore, if you care about the interests of others (as you should), you should consider the negative consequences of your choice not to be vaccinated.


EUSEBIUS MCKAISER | Don’t be a selfish git — get vaccinated (

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