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US Governor REGRETS His Words About South Africa About New Covid-19 As Mzansi Drops This BOMBSHELL

US Governor REGRETS His Words About South Africa About New Covid-19 As Mzansi Drops This BOMBSHELL.

About a week ago, the world got hit with a new information on the Covid-19 virus. Turns out whilst trying to fight the present variants and it's adverse effects, another new deadly variant has come to light.

The information was made public on the Instagram by RAP page. According to them a new strand and variant of the Covid-19 vaccine discovered in South Africa on Friday, that variant was names by the World Health Organisation as "OMICRON".

However everything changed when the United States President, Joe Biden decided to block all flights from and to South Africa, all in the bid to prevent the spread of the new variant into the American continent.

Adding to that, the name South Africa began to trend after the governor of Texas, Greg Abott, made a fool of himself tweeting that South African migrants have been apprehended for illegally crossing our border. Of course this he said suggesting that South Africans cross into Texas through the Atlantic Ocean.

This obviously didn't go well for Governor Abott who go dragged and made fun as he got reactions from thousands of South Africans, blacks and whites alike who have said the American nation has South Africa mistaken to be maybe South America, others have slammed Americans for being oblivious of the fact that South Africa is a nation in the continent of Africa.

Here are some reactions below;

"How does one swim from South Africa to your country through this cold ass Atlantic ocean ? Aren’t you mistaking us with South America maybe"

"Anyone that has the stamina and strength to swim across the Atlantic is a huge asset to our society. We should welcome them with open arms. They should immediately be offered jobs in the military or the NFL."

"I guarantee over a 1/3 of our state assumes we share a border with South Africa."

"A simple wall between Texas and South Africa would seem the wisest move."

These comments and reactions from Both Africans and Americans to Abott only drops the Bombshell that the Governor knows nothing about Mzansi and the fact that the Atlantic Ocean separates Us.

Source: Twitter

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