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Rubbing An Onion On Your Hand Can Do Wonders.

1. Got An Insect Bite? Just Rub An Onion Slice Over The Bite This would possibly sound weird, however trust me, doing this can reduce the ache instantly. All you want to do is take an onion slice and rub it over the bitten vicinity. Doing this can draw the poison from your frame and the ache and swelling could be long past inside mins.

2. Got A Burn On Your Hand? Repeat The Same As Above Onion juice is thought for its belongings to relieve the ache. Rubbing it over the blistered vicinity additionally reduces the hazard of infection and stops scarring as well.

3. Is A Splinter Irritating You Since A Long Time? I Have A Solution Just preserve a small piece of uncooked onion over the splinter for round forty mins and take away the onion piece. The splinter could be long past via way of means of then.

4. Are Menstrual Cramps Making Your Day Tough? Use Onion As A Painkiller Start consuming uncooked onions -three days earlier than menstruation start, and notice the consequences for yourself.

5. Suffering From Fever? Put An Onion Slice In Your Socks And Sleep. Take an onion and reduce it into skinny and flat slices and area this slice for your socks, and sleep as you commonly do.

As you sleep, the recovery residences of the onions could be absorbed via way of means of the feet, and this can help in stimulating the meridians and decrease the fever.

6. Feeling Nauseated? Rely On Onion Juice Drinking teaspoons of clean onion juice observed via way of means of a cup of tea can help prevent the vomiting.

7. Suffering Through A Bad Earache? Try This Place a bit of onion over your ear canal and hold it like that for some hours. The onion will help in softening the accumulation of wax for your ear and thereby reduce the ache.

But earlier than attempting this, ensure the dimensions of the onion isn't always so small that it enters the ear canal.

8. A Sore Throat Is Bad, And Onion Juice Can Help You Soothe Your Throat. You can both make an onion tea and drink it, in any other case you may boil onion peels in water after which gargle -three instances with this concoction.

This will help in reducing the irritation for your throat.

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