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Doctor were left in shock upon discovering what a patient had swallowed

The doctors are reported by Mirror news as having been left in a state of shock after discovering what a man had reportedly swallowed.A man in his thirties is reported to have been left with no choice but to undergo a surgery in Aswan Egypt after it was discovered that he had swallowed a cellphone.

The 3310 mobile cellphone is reported to have led to the blockade of food for almost half a year .The shocker reportedly got discovered when an X-ray was carried out leading to thr discovery of the cellphone.A surgery was conducted and the cellphone was removed from the man's system. The status of the man was reported to be steady after the surgery.Even though it is known that a cellphone got removed from the man's system , it is still not known why he swallowed the whole cellphone. The man was even reportedly too shy to reveal that he had swallowed the whole cellphone.


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