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Weight Lose

Healthy weight gain / Gain weight at home

10 quick tips

Avoid drinking water before meals. This can fill your stomach and make it harder to get in enough calories ( 35 ).

Eat more often. ...

Drink milk. ...

Try weight gainer shakes. ...

Use bigger plates. ...

Add cream to your coffee. ...

Take creatine. ...

Get quality sleep.

Healthy Weight Gain Diet Plan and Foods

1.High-Calorie Food

To gain weight healthily, eat foods like banana, avocados, full-fat milk., that are high in calories and full of nutrients.

A calorie-rich diet is necessary to gain the right amount of weight according to your body type. Therefore, besides high-calorie food, one needs to know the right high-calorie food to be consumed.

Some nutritious high-calorie food that you may include in your diet are homemade granola bars, Tofu, Avocados, Chickpeas, etc.

2. Consume Healthy Carbs

A popular misconception is that carbs make you overweight. The truth is weight gain depends on the number of calories you intake. So, you can add healthy carbs like bananas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, red or brown rice, whole grains, and fruits will help you gain weight healthily and safely.

Try to include good quality carbs in all your meals in some form or the other. A balanced meal is essential to receive nutrients that the body needs to function properly.

3. Protein Rich Food

Proteins are what make up our muscles. The absence of the recommended protein intake can make your efforts to gain weight futile.

Lack of protein in your diet can turn calories directly into fat and interfere in maintaining a healthy weight. Take at least 1.5-2 grams of protein per kg of your body weight to gain weight and build lean muscle mass.

Chicken breast, turkey, nuts, legumes, beans, fish, eggs, milk are excellent sources of lean proteins.

4. Reduce Stress

Stress causes a loss of appetite, and in some, it increases their appetite. In both cases, stress is extremely harmful to your mental and physical health.

Avoid stress as much as you can. Meditate, breathe deep, listen to music, relax, take hot shower baths and be active to reduce stress.

5. Strength Training

Your aim should be to gain lean muscle mass and not fat mass. Therefore, it is crucial to work out and do strength training at least 2-4 times a week.

The right set of exercises can keep your body toned and defined. Pushups, lunges and squats are some of the exercises that you can include in your workout.

6. Get Good Sleep

A good night’s sleep can do wonders for your health. A good quality sleep of approximately 8 hours helps to strengthen muscle mass and keeps your body fit. Lack of sleep is a contributing factor to hormonal imbalance.

It can cause fatigue and exhaustion resulting in an inability to perform any physical activity for a healthy lifestyle.

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