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Well Known Celeb Writes A Letter To Her 22 Year Old Self About Living With HIV

It is not an easy task for people to open up about the personal things that they experience in their lives, especially when it comes to the sicknesses that they suffer from. Especially when it is a sickness like HIV, opening up about being HIV positive can be quite a difficult task, especially because of the misconceptions around something as serious as HIV and the kind of judgement that people who are infected with the virus receive. Years back, it was even harder for people to speak out about this because not much research was done to give people accurate information about it. People who were infected would prefer to suffer in silence and are also afraid to receive medical attention.

But now that society is becoming more open-minded and people are being given a space to freely share whatever it is that they want to, Many people have decided to open up about their HIV status and also to create a platform where they can share their journeys living with the virus and also educate people about it. Even though HIV might be one of the viruses in the world that has no cure, with the proper treatment, one is able to live a long and healthy lifestyle.

The television presenter left everyone in shock when she decided to open up about living with HIV since the age of 22, which is when she first found out. Nozibele Mayaba, now 31 years old, is a television presenter at Honey. When she found out she was HIV positive, it was a difficult time for her, and she thought that she might not pull through. Now that she is a successful woman, she has decided to write a letter to her 22-year-old self. Nozibele found out she was HIV positive after she took a test at a wellness program,and when the nurse told her the results, it left her in shock, thinking that they might have made a mistake.

In the letter, Nozibele tells her 22-year-old self that the journey will be difficult, but at the end, everything is going to work out and she will have achieved great things.

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