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Weight Lose

Follow this weight loss plan, set your own schedule.

Modern life is all about modern changes as well. Since the modernization, the menace of obesity has become prevalent. Sedentary life creeps in, bad eating habits allure everyone, and agility from everyone’s life vanishes. This all brings a great deal of concern as it affects the health and fitness of a person to a great extent. Not being at par with it can also cause depression in a person’s life. So in this blog, let’s discuss top 10 tips for weight loss that actually work and help you hit your target.

Start your day with a high protein breakfast:

High protein breakfast helps you reduce weight as it works as the power-packed start of the day and makes you eat less later. Protein consumption will give you a sense of fullness and will curb your appetite. You will eat up to 135 calories less in a day if you start consuming protein as it curbs cravings and controls the habit of overeating. You’ll have an improved metabolism with less calorie consumption. So, start your day eating egg whites, omelet, Greek yogurt, scrambled eggs or protein shake. Any meal including a good amount of protein will do great.

Include low-carb vegetables in your meal:

Vegetables low in carbs are broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, spinach. These will complete your nutrition goals as they are very low on carbs. A full bowl of these vegetables will give you net 20-50 carbs per day which will not in any way let you gain weight, instead, it will keep you energized fulfilling your nutrients requirement.

Don’t be afraid of healthy fats:

Depending upon low carbs and low fats will not let you go a long way. You are more likely to quit this diet in a few days as you cannot stick to it. So it’s better to resort to some healthy fat sources like olive oil, butter, coconut oil. Assemble your meals judiciously to have proteins, fats and carbs in the best proportion to speed up your weight loss without feeling hungry.

Sugar filled drinks are the enemy:

Make sure you completely quit on drinks that contain sugar. That is a flood of sugar and “empty calories “that you are drinking. There is a psychological thing that makes you think that the amount of calories through drinks is not as same as food. But that is not true. As per some studies, you can achieve your goal of weight loss easily if you completely quit sugary drinks like soda, tea, coffee, fruit juices, etc.

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