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Zandile lost everything including her parents In : Imbewu

Zandile and Nkululeko were in love but Zandile had came with her intentions of having a man who can look af[er her. A man who can provide everything willingly without being forced. So Zandile went to the traditional doctor to help her with medicines that will changed her life into what she wanted. The healer took her to the river after she consulted with him and told him what she wants from his man.

While the healer was finished to practiced her with the roots medicine, he took her to the river to cleanse her and he also told her that your lucky for what you asked will come from the river. When the healer finished doing what he was to do into Zandile's body she told her that her gift will come from the river. She went to bath with traditional medicines and the healer told her that if they are finished the gift will show up.

A huge basket appear floating on the water she took it home. Remember she was already staying at Nkululeko's house. She took the basket home then everything changed like she got what she wants like money, cars good life from Nkululeko. The healer had warned her that she must take care of Bhululu in the basket but she didn't know it is a snake. Nkululeko started to change and hated his family very badly, he used to listen what her lover told him to do. Things went smooth between them then one sily day Nkululeko decided to attack her step mother MaZulu. It wasn't him but all was the results that worked to him due to the healers practice to Zandile.

They were able to over power him while he was fighting with MaZulu, by heating him with something on his head he fell. They were able to take him to KaMadonsela remember she was a sangoma who was helping people by traditional healers.

KaMadonsela was able to heal Nkululeko by taking out all the bad spirit and demons out of him using the african medicine. Fortunately it worked the following day he was a normal person. KaMadonsela also confirmed that all the evil spirit are gone he can think normal and be part of the family as before. He wake up he found them ready to have breakfast but he asked for tea. His father told him that all these evil spirit you got it from Zandile, we are not enemies but we are helping you to leave a normal life.

His father was a priest so they prayed for him then he went to his house. Remember his father was a pastor before he was demoted from the church because the church was against the practicing of his wife the traditional healer while he is a priest. When he reached there he found Zandile and he showed her the door because all the evil spirit were gone and he think straight.

At last Nkululeko was free from all the bad spirit he emanated from Zandile while she was using Bhululu and strong medicines from her healer.

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