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"First day of med school after burning 71% of my body 3 years ago" A young man shares

first day of medical school after burning 71% of my body 3 years ago. 28 surgeries and more to come; 20 days in a coma; 2 months in ICU; more than 7 months in the hospital; and 3 years of therapy. I am happy to finally be here.


It's not everday we see people conning out on social media to share their story. Here some respond from thousands people after he posted 

As a fellow burn survivor, I can only imagine all that you’ve overcome. I’m an attorney now. Before any tough cases, my mantra is always "you’ve been through worse." The same goes for you. Med school won’t be easy, but you’ve been through much worse.


What a story, man! I salute you! You have my utmost respect for not giving up easily! I have been under a lot of stress these past few years and I'm already thinking about giving up my life! Stories like yours give me so much hope to keep going! I wish you all the best, my hero!


The greatest thing you will have through all of your career is empathy. Don't ever let anybody get in the way of becoming a good doctor. The time in school will pass, but the rest of your life helping others and changing lives will be your legacy.


I feel your pain, bro! I didn’t get it nearly as bad as you when I was 18, but I know the psychological impact it brings. Be intensely proud of yourself for pulling through and living your best life




Part of my job a long time ago as an X-ray tech included taking portable X-rays in the hospital's burn unit. A 71% burn is an Everest to conquer. I've witnessed what patients go through. Your tweet has so much optimism. Congrats on your future. You have earned it!


Retired nurse here-worked for 4 years as a flight nurse/ICU burn nurse. What fantastic news!! I know the very hard recovery you’ve been through. Wishing you much success in medical school and beyond







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