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Signs That Tell You Are Having A Stomach Flu


The most common ways to contract viral gastroenteritis, also known as stomach flu, are through direct contact with an infected person or by consuming tainted food or water. You might recover without any issues if you are otherwise healthy. Viral gastroenteritis can, however, be fatal for young children, aging individuals, and persons whose immune systems are already weak.

The Mayo Clinic claims that influenza and gastroenteritis are not the same thing. Only the respiratory system, including your nose, throat, and lungs, is affected by the flu or influenza. On the other hand, gastroenteritis affects your intestines and causes symptoms like:

1. Watery, generally bloodless diarrhea.

2. Vomiting, nauseousness, or both.

3. Constipation and discomfort.

4. Periodic headaches or muscle problems.

5. A little fever.

Adults should seek medical attention if they are unable to maintain fluids for more than 24 hours, have diarrhea or vomiting that is bloody, are dehydrated, or have experienced vomiting or diarrhea for more than two days. If you experience severe stomach discomfort, blood in your bowel movements, or a temperature of more than 104 F, see a doctor.

Children should be seen by a doctor right away if they have a temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, feel exhausted or highly irritable, experience significant pain or discomfort, have bloody diarrhea, or appear dehydrated.

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