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Unvaccinated People In Shock As The President Plans To Do This

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 It has been a few months since the vaccine was introduced in South Africa and it is widely expected that once the vaccine has started, people will have to establish their own vaccination site to get a jab. This is because there was a great need for a vaccine vaccine urgently. This was because cases of coronavirus were on the rise and the fourth wave was the cause.

 This was due to the poor decisions the government made in providing the following results, as the country in December time was severely affected by the great need for people who needed the jab vaccine to return to their lives.

 This is because the need for people who are crying out for vaccinations has now changed. Apart from that, people are now fleeing the vaccine because of the spread of false stories that continue to plague people's minds. This has been a source of frustration for South Africans as there is a growing outcry that people are not getting the vaccine for fear of losing their lives.

 This is because there have been reports of people dying from vaccinations and this has created confusion for the government as they have to force people to get vaccinated and the need to get vaccinated passports can be their ticket.

 Cyril Ramaphosa was speaking to the country on Sunday after a recent incident that forced him to move the country to warn of 2. This was because Covid-19 cases had been reduced as people now wore masks on their faces to prevent the spread of the virus.

 The government is now planning to use the issue of vaccination passports to encourage people to take the vaccine seriously. This is because only a fraction of the people in the country have been vaccinated and the rest of the population is not vaccinated. This is starting to be a myth about a vaccine jab that is doing a very important job and people are not worried about getting vaccinated.

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