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MphoWaBadimo launches her own foundation to help people

Mphowabadimo must have more hours in a day than most of us. She has achieved so much since winning Big Brother Mzansi season 3 and she is showing no signs of stopping at all. She is a sangoma as we all must known by now and part of that is being a healer.

This must be why she's decided to extent her brand to include being charitable.

It's easy to think that helping people should be delegated to others and that we can't have an active role in that. Mpho is proving that is wrong by using her platform to boost something so significant in our society. We don't see that often with our local celebrities. The Wabadimo Foundation is the newest addition to the sangoma's work and she is already starting her first project.

She is taking part in a sanitary napkin drive that has been in the process of coming through. She took to her Instagram to share this passion and wrote, "In the spirit of Ubuntu, I have embarked on starting the Wabadimo foundation, as I'm a passionate giver and healer in my society. Do walk this journey with me as we grow together through this extension of the Wabadimo brand, because together we can."

This is such a great movement to be making as a young woman. Mpho is in the perfect place to understand issues that hinder progress, especially for young women. I have no doubts that she will be making a difference for those around her and those touched by the foundation. I believe more people should be using their platform for this in the future.

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