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5 Things You Can Do To Protect Yourself From The New Variant

The president of South Africa has just concluded the address he was giving the people. He mentioned a few things that can be done in order to keep safe from the virus.

1. Get Vaccinated.

Cyril ramaphosa mentioned that one of the best ways to stay safe from the virus or to reduce the impacts of the virus if you contract it is to get vaccinated. The vaccine prepares your immune system from the virus and this reduces the severity and symptoms of the virus.

2. Always Keep Your Mask On.

Whenever you leave your house you are required to keep your mask on at all times. It has been proven that keeping your mouth golf reduces the rate of transmission.

According to scientists this is the best way to prevent yourself from getting the virus.

3. Observe Covid Protocols.

Coronavirus protocols are put in place to ensure the safety of people. Observing coronavirus protocol is important to stop these protocols include social distancing wearing your mask ,sanitizing your hands, and avoiding must get the Rings with no proper ventilation.

4. Avoid Large Crowds.

Coronavirus is paused when an individual who has contracted the virus get into contact or too close with an individual who has not contracted the virus. You are most likely to contract The Virus in large gatherings or large crowds. Avoiding these crowds will lessen the chances of you contacting the virus. These large gatherings include parties core family functions that might require individuals to remove their mask.

If you feel sick or unwell it is advised that you visit your doctor or the nearest hospital to get tested from the virus. Specialists have also advised people to get tested if they think they have been in contact with an individual that has contracted the virus.

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