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Doctor Reveals What Infested Pork Can Cause To People

A doctor on Twitter reveals that the pork meat people have been eating could actually be eating them up without them knowing. He noted that gradually, the infection spread to brain cells and the heart, urging people to stay away from pork meat that is not fresh. He lamented that many people are causing injuries to their health by eating pork that they already knew is not healthy. Furthermore, he said by so doing, they are putting their lives at risk. He wrote on his Twitter handle where he normally gives health advice and talks, “THE PORK YOU ARE EATING MIGHT BE EATING YOUR BRAIN AND HEART BACK… Neurocysticercosis

Cysticercosis is the parasitic infection caused by Tania solium. The parasite can cause cysts in muscles, brain, or any tissue of the body”.

The doctor said that eating pork meat that is infected with Tania sodium which is tapeworm is very dangerous to one's health and well-being. He declared that with time, as all these parasitic organisms build up and attack the heart and brain cells, the danger is that, “Cysts in the brain are referred to as neurocysticercosis. Cysts in the brain and spinal cord can cause following signs and symptoms:

— Seizures

— Headaches

— Confusion

— Cerebral oedema

— Stroke

— Death”. He therefore warned people to stay away from unhealthy pork meat, which unfortunately many people are consuming without putting their health into consideration. He gave advice on how to know a fresh and healthy pork. Furthermore, he noted that by eating these infected pork, “The eggs travel via the bloodstream to reach the heart, muscle, brain, and other tissues of the body. Thereafter, the eggs encyst and develop into larval cysts (cysticerci) after 60 to 90 days”. Many people are just waking up to reality, thanking the doctor for opening their eyes to reality. Many people have been eating infected pork meat, unknowingly to them.

Some people are citing how pork meat have been affecting them negatively, especially infected pork meat that isn't fresh and not properly cooked or stored. A lady said, “Is it true that you can also get this infection by ingesting uncooked vegetables or salads with the parasite’s eggs? I think so because my younger brother also gets attacked by tonsils after eating pork, and they become severe”. Prevention is better than cure. Treatment is more expensive than prevention. Stay informed and stay protected.

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