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Sangoma: here's why Sangomas prefer African potato over Laxative

Source: (Opinion piece)

African potato mostly known by South Africans as "Pitsa". Is a natural her which is used by traditional healers to mix with most herbs they find. Sangomas that have been in practice for years can tell that African potato is a true medication to cure many diseases.

Since people get to fall sick easily this days. The answer to their sickness could be the plant many people avoid which is African potato plant. The plant is used mostly by people who want to clean their system. Again people who are ready to deliver the juice from the plant is beneficial to them since it helps with blood flow.

Avoiding such herbs means one is not taking the knowledge ancestors took years to practice. Today's generation don't live up to old age. People pass on as early as 40years. Due to the food they eat regularly which are genetically modified. Even though one eat the food taking herbs from the ground helps the body to survive illnesses.

To help your old parents live healthy and better life. Prepare African potato for them each day. Those struggling with bones will get better in no time. Share with others so that people can learn more on African herbs.

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