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'If You Aren't Vaccinated You Are The Problem' According To Ramaphosa


On Sunday evening, President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation concerning where the country is currently standing. He said some good things such as that we will continue to remain in lockdown level 1. However he also said a lot of things that made no sense and we're not reasonable. 

We know just how much the government is trying to get South Africans vaccinated, but it should be obvious that not everyone is a sheep. If the government wants people to be vaccinated, they should be transparent with these COVID-19 vaccines. The first step would be to confess that there are actually people who die from taking the vaccine. President Ramaphosa has been downplaying this issue by saying that the vaccines are completely safe while turning a blind eye to those who lose their lives due the vaccine. He did the same thing last night. 

In summary of what President Ramaphosa said last night, he has decided to shift the blame of the emergence of the Omicron variant to those who have not been vaccinated. In his words, he stated that unvaccinated people are the one's responsible for the mutations of the COVID-19. One has to wonder just how low or how dirty the government is willing to play just to get the whole nation vaccinated. 

It seems that President Ramaphosa isn't a man of his words after all, which shouldn't be surprising, he is the same person that stated no one would be forced to vaccinate but with the way things are going, it wouldn't be surprising if he makes vaccination mandatory. 

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