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110 year old Man revealed the 5 foods responsible for his flawless health. See what he has to say.

This is a real life story about a man named Bernardo LaPallo. You won’t believe us when we tell you that Bernardo is over 110 years old. Well, most would imagine that he is more youthful than that. This unbelievable man, Bernardo LaPallo, says that he acknowledges his long life for eating a ton of natural products of the soil, while keeping away from different food sources at all costs. Bernardo says that these 5 food sources are a mystery passed down to him by his dad, which he accepts is the way in to his life span.Just check out the video link below to see what he has to say and read the article below.

So What Are the 5 foods?

1. Garlic – we can without much of a stretch say that garlic is perhaps the best food on earth. Trust me, in case you're not currently an enthusiast of garlic, you will probably stack up your kitchen with the food in the wake of perusing all it has to bring to the table. Garlic is stacked with sound supplements and it can give numerous medical advantages, for example, forestalls malignant growth, detoxifies the body, deal with sicknesses like a toothache or hack. This is the reason you ought to burn-through garlic consistently.

2. Honey – honey is stacked with sound supplements and it can give numerous medical advantages. This astonishing and very solid honey bee item has numerous properties, for example, antibacterial, antifungal, sterile, and cancer prevention agent properties – making it one of the most gainful food sources to devour.

3. Cinnamon – cinnamon contains high measures of fiber, manganese, and calcium. Cinnamon has been utilized for millennia as a tasty flavor and medication, and it has influenced various societies. You ought to likewise realize that cinnamon can be particularly useful in helping with diabetes, forestalling disease, and stopping joint inflammation.

4. Chocolate – you should realize that the genuine, pure type of chocolate, gotten from the Theobroma cacao tree, is a paradise sent super food that can keep us solid even as we enjoy its tasty taste. The genuine chocolate is stacked with plant-inferred flavanols, loaded with cancer prevention agents, calming constituents and wellbeing boosting fixings that do a wide range of astounding things for our bodies and brains.

5. Olive oil – this kind of oil contains high measures of advantageous fats, which keep both your heart and mind sound, forestalling intellectual decrease and hazard of cardiovascular sickness. 

Note: and remember – way of life actually stays the main factor in deciding how long you live, however the nature of your long life.

Here’s 8 Other Longevity Secrets

•You should exercise every day, both physically and mentally.

•Make sure you consume a diet low in salt, high in fruits and vegetables, and contain plenty of fiber and antioxidants.

•You shouldn’t overeat and practice what is called hara hachi bu, which means “8 parts out of 10, full,” and never eat so that they are stuffed, but just mostly sated.

•You should always consume foods high in vitamin E.

•You should drink herbal tea every day. The health benefits of green tea are amazing.

•You should take a nap, if you feel tired.

•Something as simple as an afternoon siesta can reduce your risk of cardiovascular problems including heart attack, and it can help you feel more energized and well-rested in the afternoon.

•You probably know this, but let me say it one more time – you should consume more fresh vegetables. Among the obvious secrets of longevity, consuming vegetables is key, whether they be full vegetables or the more healthful microgreens.

•Try to relax, because reducing stress is becoming more well known among the secrets of longevity and good health. You should know that stress can greatly increase your risk of numerous diseases as well as dangerous behavior. 

I really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You.

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