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Lower back stretches and back pain.

Back pain is a common occurrence that so many people suffer from today.

This could be due to a lack of exercise and activity, or caused by a previous injury. Needless to say, there are many reasons we experience back pain, but with the right treatment and stretching of the lower back, this pain can quickly subside or go away for good.

The anatomy of the back consists of a number of bones and muscles held in place by a spine of 33 vertebrae and strong ligaments.

It is a complex structure that anchors the spine and helps movement of other parts of the body such as the limbs, hips, pelvis, shoulders, and neck. Let's not forget the spinal nerves that reach other areas like the ribs, abs, and kidneys.

You can find many wonderful free stretching exercise guides and other resources, such as videos and illustrations, that teach athletes and non-athletes about the effectiveness of low back stretches.

Many stretches for the lower back are great for treating spasms, as well as modifying the area. So what exactly is back pain? Back pain occurs due to a pulled muscle or simply when the vertebrae put pressure on the nerves.

This added pressure causes both tendons and ligaments to stretch, with the potential to cause severe pain. Spinal discs, which are filled with fluid to cushion shock and movement, have a tendency to break, slide, or bulge, causing bone and nerve friction.

These types of injuries are often caused by improper exercise techniques, poor posture, or can result from muscle imbalances. These imbalances are often caused by prolonged sitting, resulting in weakening and shortening of the hip flexor muscles and gluteal muscles.

The erector spine located in the lower back is the most common type of back tear, causing severe pain and tension. Back pain occurs anywhere along the lumbar and thoracic region of the posterior torso.

Not only can it be the focal point of a particular region or several areas at once, it can be felt anywhere along muscle, bone, and sometimes both. The good news is that there are several lower back stretches that, if done correctly, can provide partial or complete pain relief.

Since the back plays such an important role in human anatomy, it is crucial that the lower back stretches are performed correctly. Performing this type of back stretching exercises will definitely help not only stretch the skeletal muscle tissue, but also strengthen these muscles.

Consider these kinds of benefits, which also include eliminating low back pain as well as improving your overall posture.

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