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These 3 home remedies will get rid of those embarrassing bad breaths

You might have been faced with bad breath at one point or the other and it quiet embarrassing. Some people have this as a constant problem and are keen on finding a lasting solution to this.

In this article, I will be sharing some tips you can easily carry out at home to curb this.

Take yoghurt

Lactobacillus is a healthy bacteria which is found in yoghurt. These healthy bacteria are capable of combating bad bacteria in different parts of the body most especially the gut.

Studies have shown that yoghurt could also help reduce bad breath. It was found out that after six weeks of eating yoghurt, eighty percent of the people who participated had a reduction in bad breath. The probiotics which are found in yoghurt have been found to be effective in reducing bad breath.

Drink milk

Studies have shown that drinking milk can significantly improve bad breath.

Take a drink of milk during or after you take a meal especially foods which contain strong smelling foods such as garlic and onions.


You probably always thought oranges were just fruits to be taken as desserts and snacks but they have also been seen to promote oral hygiene.

Alot of people experience bad breath due to the fact that they aren't producing enough saliva to wash off the foul smelling bacteria. Studies show that vitamin C helps to increase the production of saliva which helps to eliminate bad breath. Oranges are very rich in vitamin C.

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