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Must See: Tweeps are emptying their pockets as they assist a boy with 4 million for his surgery.

A boy named opener from Nigeria is an orphan who has been diagnosed with craniofacial anomalies and difficulty in breathing as a result of the anomalies. He needs some money for his surgery and the energy all that is taking care of him has already exhausted all that they could, so now yeah appealing to people who may be willing to offer the boy money to donate some cash so that he can get his surgery done very soon. You can imagine the pain that the little boy is going through a lot of people is hard too attached after seeing this post, most of them have been stretching their hands out as seen in the comments where they're busy asking for bank accounts and asking how else they can send the money.

it is so good to see how communities help other people, this shows that social media has been a great platform for people to get the help that they need because mostly if you ask from people around you sometimes they won’t be having and sometimes they want even give you 1 Rand and that one Rand matters. So this makes it easier, faster and better for people to get the help that they need, and as you can see with more people retreating or sharing it helps as this message will reach out to a lot of people and they’ll be able to make enough money for his surgeries even extra for him too buy some stuff when he’s done at the surgery.

Back then things used to be hard because it was not that easy to spread the word, at the same time not a lot of people could make proper money now at least when you look into your social media there will be some people who have money that they don't even know what to spend on. so this helps is there will be able to help their poor or really need the money for something that could save their lives.

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