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Prickly pear can provide these health boosts

Prickly pear is also known by other names such as nopal, tuna, sabra, and paddle cactus. It is decently packed with health benefits. Below are what studies claim that prickly pear might benefit our health.

They might be beneficial to the overall liver health.

They might help against diabetes.

Potential to aid with weight loss.

They might benefit both skin and hair, benefits for skin and hair can further be found in products as prickly pear oils.

One of reasons and downside that might make us to look down on this amazing fruit is that when it is consumed in excess amount it might just cause constipation, which it can be said it's because the fruit is enjoyable and that makes it slightly difficult to keep track of amount of prickly pears that one had eating. Other downsides include but not limited to the following: diarrhea, indigestion, bloating, and nausea.


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