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You will think twice about not getting vaccinated when you find out what happened to Abby (pictured)

Below is the picture of the late Abby Gibbs who is reported to have refused to get vaccinated against Covid-19 as a result of some conspiracy theories against the vaccine.

The Mirror reported that the late Abby wished that she had been vaccinated when she was being rushed to the hospital as she had been vaccinated, but it was too late.

Even though efforts were put in place to try and spare her life, it was too late. The family of the late Abby, which is reported to have been shattered informed that she said that the worst mistake she ever made was to refuse to get vaccinated over what she had believed.

The family of the late Abby is reported to have urged the members of the community to get vaccinated against the pandemic as it is real. It is reported that she believed that it was harmful and decided against getting vaccinated, hence a deadly mistake.

The late Abby with her family

There are many conspiracies regarding the Covid-19 vaccine, which has made many people be skeptical to get vaccinated.

Even though some people may react negatively to getting vaccinated, it does not imply that the vaccine is a danger. The aim of the vaccination is to help protect, reduce hospitalization and possible deaths in regard to the pandemic. As some people are still not convinced enough, they need to be educated. The restriction of unvaccinated people from accessing certain services will do more harm than good.

Instead, there is a need for more education such as the number of people who are losing their lives as a result of the pandemic. If the details on the number of unvaccinated people who are dying from Covid-19 as compared to those who are vaccinated are made available, it will be easy for people to make their decisions.

Are you vaccinated against Covid-19? If you are not vaccinated, what is the reason?

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