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A Kenyan woman, has revealed infected men with HIV to punish them for not using protection.

A Kenyan woman, Jackline Njoki Mwangi has revealed that she knowingly infected men with HIV to punish them for not using protection.

Mwangi, otherwise called Kiki wa Ng'endo, was first determined to have HIV as a young person subsequent to laying down with men for cash to deal with herself and her nephew. This was after her mom left her and her sister being taken care of by their auntie to proceed to work in the United States. 

The 36-year-old, who made the surprising disclosure on Thursday September 17, in a meeting with Kenya's online news entrance, TUKO, legitimized her activity saying she picked the sickness from a contaminated individual who additionally didn't want to caution her. 

Mwangi said it was her sexual accomplices' obligations to secure themselves and not hers. 

"Toward the day's end, I can not be your attendant. You realize you don't have any acquaintance with me. I am not identified with you yet you need to engage in sexual relations with me, why not wear a condom or step through an examination with me on the off chance that I am agreeable and on the off chance that I am not, request that I wear a condon?" she presented. 

Kiki further uncovered she chose to open up to the world about her status since she needed men to quit moving toward her for sex after she created confusions in her genitals. 

As indicated by her, the condition has caused her to lose revenue in sex following 18 years of offering her body to explicitly hungry men for cash. 

She additionally needed to caution men against laying down with each lady they run over, make mindfulness and request that her family quit offending her each other time. 

She accused her hardships for her mom who she guaranteed loathed and abused her after she left the nation to work in the US. 

As indicated by Kiki, her mom would send cash to their auntie however she never dealt with them and when their mom scholarly of her new adventures, she abused her till date. 

She needed to exit secondary school and when her uncle had a go at convincing her to return to class, that was the point at which she tried positive for HIV. 

"It was appalling, I remained without taking medicine yet was simply pushing on with life. Sooner or later I went heartland and returned to Nairobi and that was the point at which I endeavored self destruction," she said. 

Kiki currently criticizes being surrendered by both her loved ones who think about her status. The disparagement she confronted has left her discouraged and sincerely depleted.

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