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Former Health Minister Zweli Mkhize drops a terrifying secret about the vaccine rollout

A lot of people have been very reluctant when it comes to getting the jab, following a lot of conspiracy theories that have come out ever since the idea of a vaccine as a measure to counter the virus; was introduced.

Many people fear that the vaccine was introduced as a way of population control, while others feel that it is a sign that the new world order is upon us. Recently, a video has made waves on the social media platform, Twitter, and a vaccinated people are very much enraged.

"We knew that the vaccine was not that much effective, so the roll out was the only way for us to test how weak it was against the virus- was to administer it to the people. Other countries were doing it too, so why not us?. It was the only was they would donate the vaccines to us, we had no choice but to agree to use it on our people" said the former health minister, Dr Zweli Mkhize.


A lot of South Africans are enraged at the video because they feel like they have been used as guinea pigs under falls pretences and without their consent whatsoever.

There have been numerous complaints from vaccinated people, who felt like the vaccines were doing more harm to their bodies than good, but the government assured them that it was expected- meanwhile they were also in the dark.


Recently there have been news that even though you are vaccinated in South Africa, you will be considered not vaccinated in other European, which should have been a huge red flags to show that the roll outs are still experimental, and that no real progress when it comes to the vaccine has been made- and that many South Africans are being used as experimental objects by their own trusted politicians.


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