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Positive Message To HIV Positive People

You may be HIV+, but HIV does not define you at all . You live your life to the fullest beyond the virus. It can't stop you from dreaming big and going for your dreams. It can't determine your happiness, your hopes and dreams. As long as you take your medication and adhere to positive living, HIV has no power over anyone , You far stronger and determined to let it dampen your spirit. 

You might have recently tested HIV+ and you may think its the end of the world for you. Well, billions of people have been there. After being diagnosed HIV+, they felt that way and even contemplated suicide. In the 90s and early 00s It was even worse because there were no ARVs back then. 

Take care of yourself including taking your ARVs, eating nutritionally, exercise, limit stress and avoid harmful habits - you'll be be fine . 

There'll be times when HIV whispers to you, 'you can't achieve anything', 'you are dying' or 'just give up'. Look at it and tell it, 'HIV, you are nothing and can't stop me from achieving whatever I intend to achieve', 'I am not dying but living my life to the fullest while suffocating you with my ARVs, positive living and faith' and 'I am alive and living my life normally so I don't have reason to give up'.

It's not only HIV that does this but it's setbacks, challenges and obstacles. They try to bring you down, FIGHT BACK with positive outlook at life, positive outlook at yourself and believe in better days ahead. 

Sending love to whoever feels unloved, comforting hug to whoever is in pain, courage to whoever feels weak and to those who are hustling towards their dreams . 

Be blessed with an awesome weekend ahead.remember to live positive life all the time , your life belongs to you , take care of it , you have it once . 


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