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Mix Your Morning Urine And Milk and Wait For a Massive Breakthrough - OPINION

Morning Urine have been used for over decadesby our forefathers. Morning Urine is said to be medicinal and cosmetic. It treats lots of man made diseases and skin problems.

Some will say euw! Urine whu would I do that? Well if you've been longing for a breakthrough in your life then this is for you. Times are tough, and we are being targeted by people we trust to struggle abd never mount anything in life.

Urine and milk mixture works wonders, so here's what you need to do. Urinate in a container, then mix with half a cup of milk. After bathing as usuall in the morning, take this mixture and wash your face.

Do this for 7 days in a row. On the 7th day drink the milk not the urine mixture. While doing all this you have to say or wish for everything that you want.

If it's love, marriage, job, business, kids and money that you want wish for it. If You're a woman on your monthly days don't do this because it will spoil the powers of this mixture.

It's also adviced that that you should not do it when you're pregnant and or after an intercourse. You should wait until you're finished with any rituals too so that your focus will entirely invested in this.


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