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Throwback Photos of the Women who Gave Birth to 44 Children

Throwback Photos of the Women who gave birth to 44 children

The woman and her children could possibly make one village or hamlet. The Ugandan mother of 44 has been dubbed the most fertile woman on earth. Mariam Nabatanzi gave birth to four sets of twins, five sets of triplets, and five quadruplets by the time she was 36.

I was bewildered how this woman could be this extremely fertile to the extent of giving birth to forty four children. Though Doctors have successfully prevented her from putting to bed anymore.

Diagnosis detected that she suffers from a rare genetic condition that produces an unusually high amount of eggs. Therefore, this could be, or this is the reason for her procreation of multiple children.

In order not to have more children should wouldn't take care of, Mariam Nabatanzi said that Dr. Kiggundu, “cut my uterus from inside” in order to prevent her from having any more children. 

Whichever way, this is so rare. I have never seen where a woman gives birth to this amount of children. God help her and bless her children.  Amen!

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