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Celebrities you would not believe were obese before

Obesity is a disease which involves a lot of body fat in a person's body. There are many causes of Obesity which includes genes, doing less activities, overeating, medication and psychological problems. Obesity comes with a lot risks such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers and mental health. People can get depressed or lose their confidence because of obesity. There are many ways to deal with this issue, you can exercise, eat healthy or have surgery. But remember what works for you might not work for the other person because of different causes. We'll be looking at celebrities who fought this disease and lost weight.

Anele Mdoda

Radio and TV personality Anele shared that she plays boxing and tennis which contributed to her shedding weight. She also shared she has an eating plan that she follows, remarking how she also adds a sprinkle of happiness to her weight loss journey. 

Upile Bonco

The Scandal actress transformed her body by exercising and cutting off carbohydrates in her diet. This is not a shortcut and requires a lot of discipline. There might be days where you fall out of the wagon but the main thing is to get up and keep going which is what Upile did and achieved her goal.

Rebel wilson

No one believed the movie star would look the way she does now because she was always labeled as the big funny girl. Rebel took the best decision for this change because she looks good and I believe she added more years to her life when looking at all the dangers that comes with being obese.

Ntokozo Mbambo

The gospel singer has been big boned since from an early age and this probably shows her body might be because of genetics. This did not stop Ntokozo from trying though which she did and got the most amazing results. She now looks much more younger and beautiful.


A lot of people criticized singer Adele for her weight loss saying she was fine and not supposed to lose. Her body transformation shows this wasn't how she felt because looking back she used to wear the same outfits such as black dresses which would cover almost her whole body. Now she wears every thing and it shows she's more confident.


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