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Say Goodbye to your Glasses and Improve your Sight with This Powerful Recipe

In the last part of the 60s a well known Russian specialist and specialist Vladimir Petrovich Filatov said to his patients to make an elective medication combination and begin utilizing it other than the normal clinical treatment, to improve their eyesight and forestall further loss of sight. 

In the wake of finding the formula, individuals began utilizing it hugely and they were stunned from the outcomes! 


* 100 gr. Aloe juice (aloe arborescens) 

* 500 gr. squashed pecans 

* 300 gr. honey 

* Juice from 3-4 lemons 


At first you should make the aloe vera juice. Remove the upper, lower and center leaves, leaving the highest point of the plant and the last 3-4 leaves immaculate. Wash them in cooled bubbled water, eliminate the spikes and slash them in little pieces. Strain the juice through a double dressing. 

Scholarly Filatov suggested that the leaves shouldn't be hacked right away,but should be left on a plate and kept in the fridge for 10-12 days. 

In that manner the aloe can shape the alleged "biogen triggers", which stir the movement of aloe cells. 

From that point onward, wash the leaves and proceed with the procedure.From these leaves you can get ready and acquire the aloe juice. 


Take one spoon from the blend three times each day, thirty minutes before suppers. 

It's devoured until your vision is improved. Moreover, this beverage is a nutrient bomb – it helps the entire creature. 

Important Tip: 

You should realize that aloe juice suggested for individuals who experience the ill effects of fromacute kidney disease, gastrointestinal parcel issues, the last trimester of pregnancy, aggravation in the female conceptive organs, cardiovascular issues in the period of decompensation, tuberculosis and haemorrhoids.


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