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He Died Days After THIS Strange Red Spot Appeared. When The Docs Figured Out Why They Freaked

Six months ago, a guy in Bourbon, Kansas, died an unexpected death that absolutely shocked all of his doctors, who had no idea what had caused his quick end. The cause has just now come to light.

The United States of America is just now being affected by a new virus that is spread by ticks. Because the illness is viral and cannot be treated with an antibiotic (as is the case with all viruses, including lyme disease), it represents a grave threat to the health and safety of the local populace.

Nothing like this has ever been observed in the Western Hemisphere, according to the infectious disease specialists researching this.

Its genome resembles illnesses that are prevalent in Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe!

The Bourbon virus, which the infectious disease authorities think is being conveyed by ticks, has been given this rare ailment the name since the guy who passed away lived in Bourbon County, Kansas. Before experts can even start to understand how this weird virus developed and why it just recently surfaced for the very first time in the west, there is still a ton of research that urgently has to be done!

The source of the anorexia, terrible muscle pain, and abnormally high temperature that were completely untreatable and finally resulted in this man's death is currently the focus of intense research. After viewing the, please share your comments with us.


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