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South Africans worried as Schools and boarders closed in China as they fight new virus outbreak


It will be on our shores soon. And as usual, the puppets of the white masters won't do anything to try and protect the citizens of this country until its too late. And we all know after elections we will hear someone from China tested positive on a ship that was in harbor for the past 14days and we go in level 5.Thank you for teaching us your ways,we are now wiser and rebuke in Jesus name the 4th Wave  spoken over every beloved brothers and sisters in South Africa, We declare life.

The goes the Marburg virus disease that so called conspiracy theorist has also mentioned and people looked away if you think the fear instilled by media during covid was the shiat you will see this time Ramaphosa wasn't talking to us when he said "thuma mina". After the 1st November, covid will resurface in SA. For now it's on leave. We will never overcome in this country because our lives are taken for granted. We will have a black christmas again, just like last year.

I heard on the news about possible 4th wave after elections.we must stand up as youth and show that we can see this damn game. After elections Corona will indeed resurface. Should the ANC lose metros mid November it will rain with virus that takes us straight to level 10, strong lockdown with soldiers watching us like we are animals in the zoo.

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