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Here are two things you should do when you woke up in bed before touching anything.

In this context, important rituals are things that you must undertake daily.

Today, we'll look at two of these vital morning rituals that you should never forget to perform before touching the toothbrush to wash your teeth.

1. Urinate and drink water to flush out the acids in your body.

Certain body systems rest as one sleeps, allowing others to perform more effectively.

Lying down for nearly six hours only concentrates the acids in your body in one location. Not all acids in the human body are negative; some aid in physiological processes while others prevent the body from functioning properly.

To be safe, always bring a cup of water to bed with you and drink it first thing when you get out of bed. This aids in the flashing of acid that has accumulated in one location.

After that, go to the bathroom and urinate. If you don't feel like urinating, don't worry about it; drinking other water will suffice to get you through the day.

2. Take a five-minute barefoot walk without holding anything or folding your arms.

The human body, like smartphones, restarts and prepares apps for operation when turned on or restarted. It takes five microseconds to gather your thoughts when you first wake up from your bed. To ensure that none of your cells fail you, it is best to walk barefooted on gravel in a cemented area.

When one sleeps, the cells of the human body congregate, necessitating the need to walk barefooted to activate them.


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