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Mzansi Fears That This Could Happen If People Don't Vaccinate

South African citizens are already worried that this vaccination issue may end up getting worse than it already is, as we all know there are some people who still do not want to take the vaccine for their own reasons. So that’s element has been trying everything just to get people to vaccinate, there are even some jobs that are already saying people should get fascinated or else they will lose their jobs. 

So now a person on Twitter raised a very concerning issue, he says he wouldn’t be surprised if people end up being asked to attach their vaccination certificates to CVs when they are applying for jobs. It is very worrying because for those who do not want to vaccinate it means they won’t be getting any jobs and once you unemployed, it means you will end up living in poverty.

This all matter is a strain to a lot of South African citizens, and they cannot even begin to think about what's going to happen in the near future. This is one of the reasons why some people are already suffering depression and so much just going around stealing just to make a living.

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