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Good News to People Who Don’t Want To Be Vaccinated As The Commission Of Gender & Equality Did This


Since the beginning of the immunization campaigns, there have been people who have refused to take the vaccine for a variety of reasons. The majority of these explanations were sparked by conspiracy theories regarding vaccine side effects that people shared on social media. Many people have gone to social media to express their dissatisfaction with their body modifications following vaccination. Those who haven't been vaccinated are understandably terrified.

Following that, several businesses have threatened to dismiss employees who refuse to vaccinate, claiming that they are endangering the lives of those who have been vaccinated.

Many people were compelled to be vaccinated because they feared losing their jobs. People are compelled to take out an immunization certificate as a ticket of access even in public organisations. For example, after stating that persons who have not been vaccinated will not be permitted to access public hospitals because they jeopardize staff life, the Limpopo MEC of Health was grilled for violating human rights. Students will not be allowed to enter university premises without proof of vaccination, according to universities.

Following that, there is good news for individuals who refuse to be vaccinated, since the Commission on Gender Equality has issued a strong warning to companies and other organizations that force or intimidate people to be vaccinated. The Commission claims that obligatory vaccinations do not override the country's constitution, implying that you have complete freedom to refuse immunization. No one should be fired for failing to vaccinate. The same applies to pupils. There is no requirement for mandated vaccination at any educational institution. Whether or not students are vaccinated, they have a right to an education. The following is a copy of the official warning:

Human rights are finally being taken seriously. Many people were dissatisfied with the forced vaccine because each person had their own reasons for refusing to be vaccinated. The commission must also fight for those who were forced to vaccinate against their will as a result of human rights breaches; these people must be compensated, and the firms must be held accountable.


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