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15 Signs You Might Be Cursed

1. Inexplicable Illness and/or Injury: This is a sign of a curse.

If you are generally healthy but begin to experience unexplained illness or injuries, this could be a sign of a curse. Remember that disease is usually a result of something else going on in your body, mind, or soul. So, before you jump to the curse theory, take a look at yourself as a whole. Curses and hexes can be used on someone to make them sick and "waste away," for example. And if the physicians can't find out what's wrong with you, it could be a curse or a hex working against you.

2. A Bad Run of Luck

Generally speaking, you are a fortunate individual. Within reason, things seem to go your way. You've been coping with an unbreakable run of poor luck for the past few weeks/months. Examine your life decisions before leaping to the curse conclusion. Is this "bad luck" a result of your poor life choices? If the response is no, you may be the target of a curse or hex. Financial difficulties, health troubles (see first indication), transportation/vehicle issues, technology snafus, and so on are examples of bad luck.

3. You're in the middle of a witch hunt

While most of us in the witch community would like to believe that every other witch and magical individual is kind and compassionate, especially to our own kind, the truth is that not everyone is. If you're a witch or a pagan who's been a part of a pagan/witchy community, your chances of being cursed/hexed by another witch are ten times higher than if you're a layperson. When jealousy or drama enters the picture, a witch is more likely to curse another witch than a non-witch. So if a witch is sneering at you, it's possible that she's trying to curse you.

4. Unusual Animal Observations

Strange animal sightings, disappearances, and sicknesses are all classic signs of a curse. The person who is cursing you could send a familiar animal to "spy" on you, bring bad juju to your door, and more. Is there a particular animal that seems to be paying you more attention than usual? Have you just discovered a dead or dying animal (or more) on your doorstep? Have any of your dogs succumbed to illness or died? Animals, however, are cursed as well.

5. Shattered glass

Do you have shattered glass on your doorsteps or in your front yard that appears to have appeared out of nowhere? This is one of the most typical indicators of a centuries-old curse or hex. Bottles containing cursing substances are hurled at an enemy's doorstep or front door in conjure and hoodoo traditions, and when shattered, the hex is released. Plus, doesn't it hurt to step on shattered glass with your bare feet?

6. You Are Being Warned By Your Guides About A Curse

This is a big one, and you can always count on it. If you are being attacked spiritually, your guides will warn you. You can trust this as a sign of a curse. Signs will appear in a variety of ways, including spontaneous conversations, symbols in nature, on television, and so on. If you're not sure, ask them to confirm their cautions.

7. Negative Thoughts at Random

You're usually a happy, upbeat person, but now you're getting depressive, possibly suicidal thoughts. You've discovered that these thoughts don't appear to be originating from within you, but rather from somewhere else. Please keep in mind that these are not your own thoughts. This could indicate that you're under spiritual attack and are under a curse.

8. Relationships that have broken down

Sudden shattered connections, in addition to one or more of the other indicators of a curse, could indicate spiritual attack. This could be a family, romantic, platonic, or other form of relationship. Curses aim to destroy people's life, and what better way to do it than to separate them from their loved ones?

9. Unusual Objects Found on Your Property

Curses can only take hold if the person who is cursed feeds them with fear and negativity. Take this into consideration. If you discover unusual objects, symbols, or things on your property that don't belong to you and smell like wicked magic, it could be an indication that you're being cursed. Someone once showed me a photograph of a pot of fecal matter – this is an obvious sign someone is throwing bad juju your way!

10. Personal Items that Have Gone Missing

If someone has a piece of your personal property, it's much easier for them to curse or hex you. Is there anything personal missing from your bag, such as underwear, a hairbrush, jewelry, keys, and so on? These objects contain your DNA and are frequently utilized by witches to afflict people. It could be an indication of a curse if someone has been in your home recently and something personal has gone missing.

11. Signs of Doom

Some people instinctively associate seeing an owl or a blackbird with a bad omen. It isn't always the case, though. However, experiencing an omen in conjunction with other curse indications may strengthen your fears. The chirp of a deathwatch beetle, a bird flying into a closed window and dying, a woodpecker tapping on your door/house, six crows on the eave, an unexplained high-pitched crying outside, and a bird flying into a closed window and dying are all bad omens.

12. Storms looming over your home

The weather over your house or property will be worse than elsewhere in town, depending on the severity and power of the individual cursing you. Like Eeyore, who always had a cloud over his head, but this time it will be over your house. Dark clouds, rain, fog, and other weather conditions are all possible.

13. The Sensation of Being Watched Is a Curse

If someone is spying on you, spirits and animals may be sent to keep an eye on you. Even though you're alone at home, if you have the impression you're being watched, it could be an indication of a curse. Don't be alarmed by this! Continue reading to learn how to break a hex or curse.

14. Recurring Dreams and Nightmares

Dreams are frequently used by our guides and higher selves to warn us. If you experience reoccurring dreams about someone breaking into your house, stealing from you, or invading your space, it's an indication you're being targeted psychically. Curses and hexes can cause nightmares as a side effect. This is being used by the one cursing you to establish terror in your mind and spirit. Don't let them get away with it!

Threatening Letters or Emails No. 15

It should come as no surprise that if you're getting weird and/or frightening letters in the mail or in your inbox, it could mean that someone (perhaps that same person) is cursing you. Keep an eye out for a letter or email that has been magically charged with negativity.

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