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ANC Only allowed 2000 ‘vaccinated’ fans in a stadium while they busy going across the country:

They only allowed 2000 ‘vaccinated’ fans in a stadium while they busy going across the country addressing tents of thousands of their supporters. And you telling me that we should trust everything they telling us about Covid? Yaaa no dilo tse ke di Ditsotsi fela struu.

Am telling you once we don’t speak up and do something while we still having our freedom, very soon we won’t be having any freedom left. Politicians and the very rich will be controlling us like idiots. Most of these people literally believe we are stupid.

No one should be forced to vaccinate. People should be educated on why to vaccinate and be allowed to ask any questions related to covid and vaccines, so that they can make their own informed decisions. Also the masses should be encouraged on the importance of immune boosting, eating healthy, using natural herbs and having a healthy lifestyle amongst others. Now we are being made to fight one another, it is us who are vaccinated vs those who are not.

While our country is in flames, poverty is killing more people that Covid, hiv/aids is still killing many of our people, the cancer of violence and crime is still ruling the streets of our country and the pandemic of unemployment and corruption is still destroying our country.

Only Wise and Godly men & women, with high level of integrity and knowledge will help us steer this ship out of the current storm.

If a church would gather like this, it is against the law. But when politicians do it, nothing is being said. I guess Covid variants and waves have taken a break until further notice. Or should I say until election season is over and o tla ba utlwa wena. Akere nou Covid has ‘taken a break’. These people ba na le maaka maan and they surely don’t know what they talking about.

(Edited) and majority of our people still believe every word that comes out of their mouth. Surely fear has driven logic and common sense away from many people. For it is dangerous to believe anything you are being told, without questioning and testing it.

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