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Top 10 Most Vaccinated Countries in Africa - Number 7 Will Sh0ck You

Top 10 most vaccinated countries in Africa

1. Seychelles 81.5%

2. Morocco 62.2%

3. Cape Verde 50.9%

4. Tunisia 45.5%

5. Sao Tome & Principe 33.9%

6. Comoros 27.7%

7. South Africa 23.8%

8. Rwanda 22.1%

9. Botswana 21.9%

Denominator Total Population 

Source Our World in Data

A lot of South Africans were shocked that the country was not even in the top 5. South Africa is seriously lagging behind.

Considering our population, South Africa has not done too badly. Numbers need to increase drastically still.

When you look at the population size you get a clearer picture. A country can have a higher total percentage vaccinated but if the population is small, it’s quite easier to get to that percentage vs a country with a larger population. That 24% you see equates to 11m.

half this list are literally island nations with smaller populations

seychelles <100k people

cape verde ~500k people

sao tome & principe <60k people

comoros population ~900k people

mauritius population ~1.2 million people

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Cape Verde Morocco Rwanda Sao Tome South Africa


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