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Health Goals, The Bad Habit, Easy Ways To Curb The Craving And Eventually Stop Smoking All together

Cigarettes are businesses greatest idea to ever come from a human being, they are just like Alchohol. A product that is enjoyable to use, but if you use it too often in succession it leads to a lifetime of purchases. This means that if you put a cigarette in your mouth and smoke it for the first time. You are going to want another one tomorrow, then you are going to want two the day after that. Soon you will be smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day. Imagine the amount of money that you spend on cigarettes on a daily. For those who smoke the high end cigarettes, they spend somewhere between 100 and 200 Rands per day. I know that it's enjoyable, but the truth is that you burn 200 Rands a day. That's just another setback of smoking, the real reason that I wrote this article is for your health. Smoke and flesh don't go well together, Smoke burns flesh and tissue even though it is at a slow pace when smoking cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes destroys your read blood cells and these cells are important for the reproduction of more blood cells. This means that you are slowing down the reproduction of cells that are important for the strength of your immune system. The less red blood cells that you have in your body, the more prone to illness you will become. Smoking cigarettes also kills brain cells, we all need brain cells to think properly. This is why you find that most Smokers are forgetful and often misplace things. Come to think about it there are more disadvantages than advantages when coming to smoking, I often ask myself why not just quit.Everytime you get the craving buy a cigarette and cut it in half with a pair of scissors. As long as you remember your ultimate goal you will keep cutting the cigarettes that you buy until you Realish how much money you are wasting. I promise that it won't even take a month, you'll be a free man or woman. Let's Love Ourselves.

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