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Municipality keep on failing people of Tshiozwi

Why cannot we also get a brand new home?


A circle of relatives of 9 individuals at Tshiozwi keeps to stay in an volatile shack, even after many tries to have the government construct them an RDP residence.

The shack has no proper ground.

Ms Portia Makgoto said that she did not understand why all offerings need to pass them in the village. The corrugated sheet shack is so tiny that squeezing all of the members of the family in is nearly not possible. “It is tough to share a shack with other 8 human beings due to the fact the room is just too small,” she stated.

“Even while we publish our names for the starvation relief programme, they do no longer provide us food,” she introduced. “But we see even folks who are employed getting food, even as our name have been removed from the listing. Maybe we have wronged folks who bring together the name list and now they are taking revenge by means of rubbing off our call whenever we need assist.”

Makgoto stated that the municipality have to provide them with a temporary refuge even as they were nevertheless thinking about whether or not to construct them a residence.

The shack on the rafters is flimsy, so that it is easy to see the solar and the sky from within the shack. During rainy seasons, the hut is full of water that enters via the roof. At one degree, the water damaged the main power container and it had to be replaced. “Now we worry that if the rains come once more and locate us nonetheless residing in this shack, the power container might also burst and kill every body in the fireplace.”

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