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Little Hercules: A Brief Summary Of His Life

Richard was born and raised in Ukraine in the year 1992. His parents were Lena and Pavel. Both his were active active and enjoyed the gym, his father Pavel competed at an international level martial arts while his mother Lena was an arrobics professional.

It would seem that Richard grew up in a family that embraced healthy eating and exercise.

He became famous early in the 2000s as "little hercules". This was due to his muscular body that put even the adults to shame.

At an early age Richard picked up martial arts quicker than normal.

His father introduced him to weight training to see if could keep up, needless to ask - he was able to keep up very well, before he was even an teenager he could already bench 180 pounds, a weight that even adults would normally struggle with.

He gained a lot of fame and his family enjoyed the rewards of his training. They travelled the world to compete in different international competitions. Major brands were willing to make him their ambassador and he also got the opportunity to meet a lot of his childhood heroes.

Although his future seemed set, a lot of people wondered if Richard was being forced into training mostly by his father. Some even suspected the use of illegal substances, to which Richard denied. He was quoted saying "it was mostly my choice".

Where is Richard Now...

As Richard grew up to his teenage years things started to change. His love for the gym slackened. His father was arrested, he was only left with his mother who was not too strict at ensuring Richard kept to the gym. His personal trainer also stopped working with him saying that he was uncomfortable aroung Pavel.

People eventually got bored with "little Hercules"

Richard started living a more natural life, hanging with friends and ate food which he was banned from eating during his body building days.

He officially decided to quit body building. He no longer went to competitions, however he still balanced his life with the gym but only to keep fit and not for body building intentions.

Richard decided that college and an office job would not be his life. He found a job as a stunts man at Universal Studios and moved away forever from body building. 

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