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When You Blow On A Thumb, Here’s The Effect It Can Happen With Your Body.

The human body is a very complex and intricate system, which still surprises docs and scientists who've spent years exploring its mysteries. Miracles happen, and our body proves that it can even heal itself! It turns out that stimulating certain parts of our body can assist to lessen pain and other unpleasant feelings. It helps to avoid various health problems such as pain, fatigue, and stress. This is truly a wonderful discovery! It is quite natural that some parts of our body parts and normal functions of our body can surprise us. I would like to bring your attention to a few strange and interesting facts, approximately possibilities of our body. Using this tips, you'll forget about poor health.

1. Help you to relax

If you want to get rid of stress tension, you should hold your breath and wash your face with ice water. Cold water improves circulation and relaxes your body. This technique has been used successfully for many years in many countries.

2. Reduce your sore throat

You surely know about advantages of tea in the treatment of a sore throat, but there's also another easy way. If you feel itching in your throat, you should just scratch your ear. Stimulating nerves in your ear can cause muscle spasm in your throat, relieving the tickling.

3. Get rid of the fear of injections

Injections are never pleasant. Do you agree with me? But there's one way that will help you to overcome your fear. You only need to cough a little before the nurse will give you an injection.

4. To heal your stuffy nose

To relax your nasal pathways, you should press your tongue against the roof of your mouth, pushing your eyebrows with the help of your index fingers. Remember to breathe every thirty mins performing this practice.

5. Heal your burns

You relieve burn pain, the usage of the tips of your fingers to touch your affected skin. Using this technique, you'll also avoid burn scars.

6. Calm your nerves

If you blow on your thumb, you'll not best get rid of tension in your gut, but you'll calm your nerves. This technique really works!

7. To prevent a headache

If you do not have painkillers at hand, you have to massage the area between your thumb and index finger for two mins. This massage provides the blood flow to your head, reducing headaches.


Content created and supplied by: Mzimandekc (via Opera News )


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