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Get rid of sugar in just 7 days from this leaf obesity will also reduce

 There are some such trees and plants around us, about which we remain unaware and there are some such plants which are poisonous and provide nectar to our body. But due to being unaware about it, we stay away from these plants. Similarly, there is a flower of Aak offered in Shivling, it fulfills all the wishes of the devotees, some of its miraculous benefits also have a special effect in our body.

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 The plant of Aak, which we know as Mandar, Aak or Parad Akoua, is poisonous. This plant is small and honeycomb. White or purple flowers are found in it, which are offered to Shankar. The flower of Madar is also very beneficial for your health. Let us know about the benefits of Madar.

 health benefits of madar plant

 If someone vomits in a moving vehicle, then keep the Aak leaf under the foot. This will not cause any problem in travel. This poisonous plant can be used to reduce the level of sugar. It is said that if the milk coming out of it is applied to the falling hair, then the hair comes in that place.

 ear ache

 If there is pain in the ear, then heat the yellow leaves of Aak in ghee and put its juice in the ear.

 teeth pain

 Soaking cotton wool in aak's milk and some ghee and keeping it in the tooth ends pain.

 Jaundice cured

 After eating Aak's mango in the morning on an empty stomach on an empty stomach, chew it, it cures jaundice in 3-5 days.

 benefits in shingles

 Mixing equal quantity of honey in Aak's milk and applying it provides benefit in ringworm. Applying the milk of Aak flower mixed with coconut oil ends itching.

 removing hemorrhoids

 Put salt and oil on five soft leaves of Aak and burn it in the fire. Take out their ashes and keep them. And after 15 days by taking 2 pinches daily, piles gets cured.

 nail disease

 If you have any kind of infection in your nails, then you should rub the root of Madar's plant with water and apply it on the nail.

 penetrating fork or glass

 If a glass or a thorn has entered any part of the body, then you should apply white colored milk coming out of the Madar plant on that place. The glass and fork will ripen and come out on their own.

 in cough

 If the cough is not getting better, then grind the root of madar well and mix a little black pepper powder in it. Make a small tablet and consume it with water both in the morning and in the evening.

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 effect of madar on boil

 If the boil is not getting cured, then grind the root of Madar well and apply its paste on the boil. The boil gets cured quickly by this remedy.

 finger infection

 The infection of fingers is removed by applying the milk from the Madar plant on the fingers.

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